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"6 Ways We're Looking After You Right Now"
In tough times, every penny counts. But sometimes, it's easy to be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. For example, when it comes to staying warm, there are always ways to pay less per gallon. But when it is really cold, what matters most is: "Will I have fuel, will you get to me fast when I need you, and will you keep me warm?" Here's what State Utilities is doing to make sure you can always answer, "Yes."

1. We keep things running
We always maintain a high ration of skilled HVAC technicians to customers and we keep our staff on call so they can respond with fast service whenever you need us. That's why we don't outsource our service work to other contractors or plumbers. It's the only way to guarantee your problems will be solved right away.

2. Quality fuel all the time
We have enough drivers and trucks, and our vehicles are maintained properly, so we can get to you no matter what the weather conditions are. Because of our decades of experience, we've learned that companies that stretch their deliver fleet too thin to save a few bucks can fail their customers just when they need the most help. And because we service your equipment, we are committed to giving you quality fuel for your system.

3. People you can count on
Over the years, when weather conditions have been horrible, our people have done whatever is necessary to take care of our customers - whether it's loading up small fuel containers in four-wheel drive vehicles or staying at the office through the night. We go the extra mile for our customers. It's just art of who we are.

4. Programs to help you manage your bills
Despite the tight credit market, we allow most customers to pay after they get their delivery, instead of requiring C.O.D. We even allow customers to spread their bills out into small monthly payments.

5. Guarantee fuel supply
International incidents and frigid temperatures can cause temporary supply disruptions. But we have never been without fuel to take care of our customers.

6. Helping you save money
Talk to us about the new generation of high-efficiency equipment and recommendations on saving money and cutting energy in a variety of ways. Why settle for saving cents per gallon when you can cut hundreds of dollars a year off your bill by upgrading your system?

To learn more about the benefits of oil heat as well as learn other energy savings tips, visit the following Websites.


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