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Systems Evaluations

Do the systems you have now operate to their fullest potential?

Will your current systems function as well as they do now after a large renovation?

Have you become a "new" home owner, commercial enterprise or establishment such as a store, hotel, or restaurant? If so, you may be unfamiliar with the systems in your new location. State Utilities is in the business to perform a thorough evaluation of them, and give you a crash course in "how to" operate your systems.

For the assurance and knowing whether the systems you have are right for your needs, call State Utilities for a Systems Evaluation 631-226-2380. Our technicians are certified in all aspects of installation, maintenance and repairs, and they will provide you with an honest assessment.


Oil Heating Systems
• Look at system to see the general condition and age
• Review service history for recurring problems
• Check for system safety and efficiency
• Check for leaks and corrosion

Hot Water Heaters
• Some homes have never had a water heater system, and you may want to install one
• Look at the heater to see the general condition and age
• Check for safety and efficiency
• Determine whether the system capacity meets the demand

Central Air Conditioning
• Look at the system to see the general condition and age
• Check service history
• Check the performance, Freon and air filters
• Determine efficiency; is the A/C performing as it used to

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