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Many people find water temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees the most comfortable in which to swim. Yet, the northeast Sun may provide only enough energy to achieve these temperatures in July and August. Expand your swimming season and the time you have to enjoy your pool on cool summer days and nights with a pool heater.

State Utilities installs OFT Pool Heaters for in-ground pools and spas everywhere on Long Island. We combine quality products with superior installations to give you more months of swimming and personal enjoyment.

Please call us for information and to make an appointment, 631-226-2380.

OTF Pool Heater
A THERMO-DYNAMICS oil-fired pool heater is a smart addition to functionality of your pool. The OTF design features:

Durable, long lasting construction, built to National Board Specifications. Comes in Outdoor (OTF) or Indoor (ITF) Versions

All-copper indirect heat exchanger design practically eliminates corrosion, scaling and condensation problems

Aluminized flue collector and firebox assembly withstands atmospheric corrosion

Flame retention forced draft oil burner provides efficient combustion; easy access for maintenance and adjustment; UL listed components

Pre-cast refractory combustion chamber is surrounded by insulating pellets to keep heat loss through the base to a minimum

Pre-assembled for ease of installation

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