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Installations: State-of-the-Art Oil Heating Systems from State Utilities

Owning a state-of-the-art oil heating system is a smart and economical investment, particularly when combined with a full-service contract from State Utilities. Collectively, they provide value, peace of mind, and comfort!

Do you know how much it costs to operate your current oil heating system, or how efficient it runs? To learn more, call for a FREE assessment, 631-226-2380.

Our factory trained HVAC technicians are expert in both heating and air-conditioning installations and maintenance. We evaluate your oil heating system and report on its operation, recommending energy efficient alternatives. If you decide to upgrade, we will help you select the best possible solution to fit your growing needs and budget

A system upgrade could save you as much as 30% within the first year on your total energy bill, State Utilities offers 0% no money down financing; and, often the federal government and NY state offer tax credits.

State Utilities installs and services numerous efficient and reliable high quality products from the following trusted manufacturers:

Biasi Boilers

Biasi Boilers
The B-10 boiler systems are proven for their fuel efficiency and durability. The three pass boiler design and low water content heat zones and water quickly. Combined with an outdoor reset control, you achieve a fuel savings of up to 40% over conventional single pass boilers. The B-10 boiler package complies with ASME and UL standards and is IBR rated.

• Comes with F-3 Riello Burner
• Heating Capacity: 67,000 BTUs
• Gross Input Burner Capacity: .55 GPH, 80 MBH
• Net Output: 58 MBH
• AFUE Efficiency: 86.6%
• Water Content: 3.7 Gals.
• Length (L): 15.5 inches

Peerless Boilers
The Series WBV/WV™ residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting. The fully-packaged or knockdown boilers are available in 3 sizes (3-5 sections) with 8 firing rates. Features of the Series WBV/WV™ boilers include a full plate swing-out door and convertible rear to top flue outlet (for 3 and 4 section boilers only). Honeywell operating controls, Taco circulators (water boilers) and probe type low water cut-off (steam boilers) are standard. A deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket on all boilers reduces heat loss. The cast iron sections are assembled with steel push nipples and factory tested to assure a water tight seal.

• 84 to 280 MBH Input
• 75 to 239 MBH
• Natural Draft
• Water or Steam
• Flame Retention Burner
• Packaged or Knockdown Oil Boilers
• Natural Draft Venting
• Flame Retention Burners
• Steam or Hot Water Boilers
• Optional Tankless Coils
• Rear or Top Flue Convertibility
• Skim Tapping for Cleaning Steam Boilers

Burnham Boilers
MPO-IQ™ Residential Boiler

The new U.S. Boiler Company's MPO-IQ™ is a highly efficient oil-fired heating boiler, the crossroad of innovation and practicality. Rated among the highest of efficiency in cast-iron heating, the newly designed MPO-IQ boiler leads the field in efficiency, versatility, ease of maintenance, and installation.

Rated as a Consumer Digest "Best Buy"
Limited Lifetime Warranty

• 87% AFUE
• 3-pass Cast Iron Sectional Design
• Built-in Protection for Low Return Water Temperatures
• Natural Draft Oil Boiler, Five Sizes Available 0.60-1.65 GPH
• Direct Vent Option Kit
• Easy Installation and Servicing, with Reversible Swing Door
• Three Sizes Available, 1.05-1.65 GPH
• Monitors Outdoor Air Temp
• Controls Hot Water
• IQ Control System
• Energy Star Compliant

Hallmark of Oil Furnaces
Since it first went into production in 1939, the Hallmark Furnace has delivered the finest quality and engineering innovations available in a warm air furnace. Hallmark's commitment to customer service and satisfaction at all levels is well known in the industry.

• Residential Furnaces from 85,000 to 160,000 BTUs
• Low Boy, High Boy, Counterflow, and Horizontal Models
• Comes with Beckett, Riello, or Carlin Burners
• Efficiencies from 80% AFUE to 84% AFUE
• Available with ECM variable speed motors
• Front or Rear Flue on Each Model
• Quiet Operation
• Simple Serviceability
• 14 Gauge Heat Exchanger
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

A burner is the engine that drives the comfort and efficiency of a heating system.

If you heat with oil, this is the burner for you.

Riello 40-Series high-efficiency oil burners not only deliver low energy consumption and quiet, worry-free performance, they provide the most reliable combustion technology on the market.

• Durable, lightweight, compact construction
• Integrated electronic control box with interrupted ignition; available with or without an automatic air shutter that eliminates heat loss and enhances efficiency
• Virtually all leading manufacturers of oil-fired burners and furnaces the world over choose Riello as the burner to fuel their systems. Quality engineered to world-class standards, Riello oil-fired burners are built for maximum uptime, and are available in seven models with firing rates from 0.5 to 6.4 US gph.

Easy to install and service; backed by coast-to-coast support.

Logano G315 - Oil Conventional
Enjoy comfort and warmth with Logano's G315 high AFUE rated system, and save money.

• Ecostream low temperature boiler for oil or gas combustion with modulating boiler water temperature
   control without minimum return temperature
• Boiler design with Thermostream technology for reliable operation without shunt pump and return
   temperature control
• Water-cooled combustion chamber with low combustion chamber loading and hot gas routing in
   accordance with the three-pass principle
• Boiler suitable for oil or gas
• Full size burner swing door for easy access to the boiler interior
• Burner is covered with a deluxe, heavy gauge blue enameled jacket for a clean finished appearance
• Unit versions with an pressure-jet oil and gas burner matched to the boiler for clean combustion and
   efficient energy utilization –AFUE's of 88%
• Easy handling through delivery of the boiler block in sections
• Optional assembly of the boiler block at the factory


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